D’Aaron Chance Taylor of Crestview was arrested for attacking a 64-year old school official by hitting him with a closed fist. The incident was captured by an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputy’s body cam.
D’Aaron Chance Taylo was observed in a hallway near the school official’s office around 9:30 a.m. on September 23rd by an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputy.
The deputy says Taylor was agitated and yelling profanities before heading down the hallway, balling up his fist, and striking the school official.
Taylor was trying to hit the man in the face but the victim was able to dodge so that the blow landed in his back and shoulder area. Taylor was restrained by deputies.
During a search he was found to have two Xanax tablets in a piece of paper.
Taylor is charged with aggravated assault on an education employee and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. In addition the OCSO served an outstanding warrant on Taylor for a car burglary and petty theft on North Brooke Drive in Crestview in July 2016.
Taylor was taken to the Department of Juvenile Justice Detention facility in Crestview.



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