Sunday, January 23, 2022

Child Protective Investigator Christine McRobbie Arrested For Falsifying DCF records

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According to theĀ Pasco Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested Pasco Sheriff’s Office Child Protective Investigator Christine McRobbie, 34, last night for allegedly falsifying DCF records.

Contact was made with two parents under investigation for child abuse/neglect who claimed they were never spoken to during a Pasco child abuse investigation.

When the Hillsborough County CPI unit started a new investigation, the child protective investigator referred to the previous Pasco County report, and the couple stated they were not aware of the previous Pasco County child protection investigation. A Pasco detective reviewed the defendant`s child abuse investigation report and noted she claimed she spoke with the couple on two different occasions and administered a presumptive urine test for narcotics and other prescription drugs.

The couple claimed they never met with the defendant, nor did they participate in a presumptive urine test. Contact was made with the defendant, a Pasco County Child Protective Investigator, and during a non-custodial interview, admitted she could not remember if she administered the presumptive urine test to the couple.

The defendant stated when entering her notes into the database for the Department of Children and Families she could not locate the necessary paperwork to prove the presumptive urine test was completed by the two parties.

The defendant then knowingly entered into the Department of Children and Families database falsified notes (FSFN notes) that she had administered the presumptive urine test and the results of the test were negative for any illegal substances, despite admittedly not knowing what the true results were. The defendant admitted she entered the falsified results into the Department of Children and Families database, because she had no concerns for the family`s safety and so she could close the case quickly.

The defendant was arrested on one count of falsifying records and booked into the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center on $5,00 bond. She was also fired today from her job with the Pasco Sheriff’s Office

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