During the trial, the prosecution alleged that several witnesses saw Jordan fire a small-caliber pistol during the argument on May 21, 2006.

Jordan’s defense attorney, Byron Hileman, suggested Jordan was likely identified as the shooter because he was well known and thusly easily recognizable to people in the parking lot.

Assistant State Attorney Beth Stockdale said Patrick Harris of Winter Haven got upset when he thought the driver of a Chevrolet Impala that drove close to him was trying to hit him, Stockdale said.

He exchanged words with the people in the car, which included Jordan’s half-brother, Gerald Lewis. The people in the Impala parked and got out to confront Harris, she said.

According to all accounts, DeWarren O’Shay Stokes was trying to quell the argument when a punch was thrown, and a fight erupted.

There was conflicting evidence from supposed eyewitnesses.  Some said they saw Jordan pull out and fire a gun; others testified that Jordan did not participate in the shooting.