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Omar Collymore, Angela Aguiar & Simone Campbell-Collymore : Timeline

A timeline of events in the life of Omar (Best) Collymore and the deaths of Angela Aguiar & Simone Campbell-Collymore https://youtu.be/aw0-SbDDgGE

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Circular Crime Volume4: Omar (Best) Collymore, Angela Aguiar & Simone Campbell-Collymore

The names Omar (Best) Collymore, Angela Aguiar & Simone Campbell-Collymore are now eternally connected. Omar (Best) Collymore’s girlfriend Angela Aguiar and his wife Simone Campbell-Collymore both met their untimely demise as a result of shootings that occurred while both ladies were in his immediate vicinity.

Angela Aguiar, 38, was a single mother and real estate agent originally from New York who was gunned down and killed at about 3:30 am. on June 30, 2008.

The shooting happened in the 100 block of Northwest Second Avenue in Ft. Lauderdale, FL  west of the railroad tracks and Broward County‘s Transit bus terminal.

According to a police report, a responding officer saw Omar Best Collymore, who was born in Barbados on the ground near the passenger side of their Ford F-150 with Aguiar in his arms. There was blood on the passenger seat which suggests that she was shot while in the vehicle.

Best Collymore told police that the couple was on their way to meet with friends at a downtown bar.  He parked, got out of the driver’s seat and bent down to tie his shoe.  He then heard a “commotion” and stood up.

He then walked around the back of the pickup truck and saw a man standing next to Aguiar. Best Collymore stated that he shouted an expletive, ran for cover and heard gunshots.

Aguiar was shot in the head and chest according to a medical examiner’s report.

Angela Aguiar bought a $1 million life insurance policy about a month before her death. Her boyfriend, Omar Best Collymore, was her primary beneficiary. He submitted a claim for the money two years after her death, records show.

Because Aguiar’s death occurred within its “contestability period” and had been ruled a homicide, the insurer launched an investigation.

In emails exchanged between a Fort Lauderdale detective and an insurance claims analyst between June and September 2010, the detective asserted that Best Collymore was still considered a suspect in the case.

Although her killer remains on the loose, court documents in a civil case point to her boyfriend at the time — also her primary life insurance beneficiary — as a suspect.

Ultimately, Best Collymore was awarded $400,000. The rest of the money went to Aguiar’s son Elijah Aguiar.

It’s unclear when the relationship between Simone Campbell and Omar Best Collymore began.

What is clear is that they were married on May 6, 2010 in Miami, Florida.  He ingratiated himself to her family and was affectionately referred to by some relatives and friends as “Hulk”.

They subsequently had two children and their social media accounts indicate that they frequently traveled between Simone’s homeland of Jamaica and South Florida where they own at least one residential property and business.

By all accounts, Simone Campbell-Collymore much like Angela Aguiar was ambitious, loving, outgoing, popular, and well loved by her family and friends.

The couple owned several businesses in Jamaica and it is alleged that  Best Collymore also financed several businesses in Jamaica for other females with whom he was involved.

Before meeting Simone, he was charged with Grand Theft in the 3rd Degree among other charges in May 2002.  He ultimately pled guilty and was placed on probation.  He completed restitution for this case in November 2011.

He was sued by women in Hillsborough and Broward County Florida.  One case was settled via mediation, and the other resulted in a judgment against him.

His next case in Broward County was the civil case he filed on 08/19/2010 against Reliastar Life Ins Co to force payment of the policy on Angela Aguiar…. approximately two years, two and a half months after her murder, and three months after his marriage to Simone.

Why did he wait two years to pursue the claim? The two-year period is interesting because there is a two-year bar on claims in probate cases in the state of Florida.  Therefore, if Miss Aguiar had outstanding debts such as a mortgage or other consumer debt, the creditors would be unable to make a claim against her estate two years after her death.

Also, under section 735.201(2), Florida Statutes, a Florida probate estate that is opened more than 2 years after the decedent’s death qualifies for summary administration, even if the total assets of the estate are greater than $75,000.00. This means that there would be no reason to have the extended procedure of a formal estate administration.

As previously stated, Best Collymore was awarded $400,000 from Miss Aguiar’s life insurance policy.

Best Collymore had a very eventful 2015 as he was involved in three recorded cases in Broward County which involved stalking and domestic violence.

Meanwhile, in Jamaica, it is alleged that he was involved in several extramarital affairs.  It is alleged that a systemic breakdown of the marriage occurred, majorly because of his philandering.

On Tuesday, January 2, 2018 at about 4 pm, Simone Campbell-Collymore took a taxi driven by Winston Walters to the premises where her husband Omar Best Collymore was in residence.  This visit was supposedly to pick up the couple’s children who were with their dad as the Collymores were not residing at the same residence.

Based on a video recording of the incident:  the taxi driven by Mr. Winston Walters pulled up to the gate and stopped.  Three motorcycles then appeared and two riders alighted.  Mr. Walters was immediately shot at point-blank range.  The shooter then leaned into the vehicle and shot toward the passenger side of the vehicle.  The vehicle then began rolling and a shooter ran behind the vehicle, opened the passenger door and shot Mrs. Collymore repeatedly.   It appears that in an attempt to make the murders appear to be a robbery, he then reached into the vehicle and snatched her purse after which the motorcycles sped away from the scene.

Mr. Walters and Mrs. Collymore were taken to the hospital where they were both pronounced dead.

Mr. Collymore was brought to the Constant Spring police station, where he immediately retained a prominent high-profile attorney, refused to answer any questions and was released.

The speculation that this was a hit was immediate.  Remember, another woman with whom this same man was involved, who had no known enemies was shot and killed under unsolved questionable circumstances.

Mrs. Collymore’s funeral is scheduled for January 27, 2018, at the Waltham Park Road New Testament Church Of God.  No word on when Mr. Walters is scheduled to be buried.

On Friday, January 19, 2018, at about 10:50 am Omar Best Collymore was in a vehicle that entered the parking lot of Allied Insurance Brokers on Belmont Road in Kingston, Jamaica.  Speculations are that he was at  Allied Insurance Brokers to transact business regarding the life insurance policy underwritten by that company on Mrs. Collymore.

According to reports, the vehicle was approached by an individual who opened fire shortly after it was parked.

Best Collymore and another occupant were shot and taken to the hospital.  The third occupant is said to have run from the vehicle and was chased by the gunman.  It remains unclear if that person sustained any gunshot wounds.

At the time of publication of this article, his condition remains unclear.

  • Did Simone know of Angela’s death prior to her marriage to Omar?
  • If not, did she ever know of the circumstances surrounding Angela’s death?
  • Was she aware of the lawsuit to collect the life insurance proceeds, and, if so, how did she become aware of it?

Our sincere heartfelt condolences to the families of both women and even more so to their children who are now motherless.

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