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Omar Collymore, Angela Aguiar & Simone Campbell-Collymore : Timeline

A timeline of events in the life of Omar (Best) Collymore and the deaths of Angela Aguiar & Simone Campbell-Collymore https://youtu.be/aw0-SbDDgGE

Omar (Best) Collymore, Angela Aguiar & Simone Campbell-Collymore Update

Omar Best Collymore had the misfortune of having two women with whom he was involved suffer untimely deaths whilst...

Circular Crime Volume5:Buju Banton Co-Accused Arrested, Pending Deportation

Ian Thomas, a co-defendant of Reggae superstar Buju Banton in his 2009 drug case has been arrested on drug...

Lake Mary Hotel Theft Suspects Sought

A Lake Mary hotel room was burglarized and multiple items were stolen on October 1, 2016.  The thieves gained access to the room by using the key card which was stolen from the victim’s automobile while it was parked at a nearby sports complex.

Items stolen from the car include a female’s purse, a minor’s wallet, and Beats headphones that he worked very hard to purchase for himself.

After gaining access to the room, the two men who were caught on surveillance cameras stole everything that belonged to the occupants.  They also fraudulently used a credit card obtained during the theft.

Both suspects have distinct appearances and are wearing unique clothing.  If you know these men, or anything about this crime; immediately contact Seminole County Investigator Eger at (407) 665-1482.

Please help this family to get justice.

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